Meaning of Made in Germany

Germany is known worldwide for cars, sharp knives and other quality products. This was also shown by a study conducted by the statistics service provider Statista with a total of 43,034 consumers worldwide. These surveys were combined in the Made in Country Index 2017, with the result that the Made in Germany designation of origin took first place.

Above all, respondents praised Made in Germany products for high quality and product safety. But what does the Made in Germany quality seal currently mean?


The Made in Germany seal stands worldwide for the high quality of the labeled products. This was also confirmed in an Infratest survey, according to which 84 percent of respondents were of this opinion.

The greatest possible manufacturing precision is achieved through consistent optimization of production processes and the use of the latest technologies. Sophisticated quality management systems ensure the best quality from raw materials through semi-finished products to the end product.

High safety standards

Products Made in Germany meet the highest safety standards and are known globally for this. Due to strict safety guidelines in Germany, safety-relevant aspects of individual products are subject to constant monitoring by independent testing organizations.

Despite the already strict German regulations, numerous manufacturers have made it their goal not only to comply with them, but even to exceed them. Whether it’s children’s toys or electronic devices, the customer can rely on compliance with the highest safety standards.


For the production the manufacturers have to comply with strict environmental guidelines. These are regularly audited by government agencies, thus ensuring that future generations will also find an intact environment.

Environmental technologies are also being promoted politically: with the „Environmental Technologies Export Initiative“, the Federal Ministry for the Environment is supporting 40 medium-sized companies that are developing concepts for water and waste management, as well as urban development.


The German dual training system produces strong employees and has now become an export hit. In this way, companies ensure the sustainable training of their employees and try to reduce staff turnover to a minimum through measures that go beyond the state requirements. For example, company kindergartens, in-house fitness studios, vegan options in the cafeteria or sabbatical years are not uncommon, but everyday occurrences in German companies.

Occupational safety committees develop measures for each company to minimize the risk of injury for each employee. In the event of illness, employees are optimally covered by health insurance funds and employers‘ liability insurance associations.


Products Made in Germany are of the highest quality. This ensures high reliability and durability. Forward-looking product planning and production, taking into account the latest research results, guarantee a long service life.

High quality products allow the manufacturer to provide an extended warranty. For numerous customers this is a main reason to choose products Made in Germany.