Made in Germany Logo

To enable consumers worldwide to recognize that a product has been produced entirely in Germany, companies, manufacturers and retailers use the Made in Germany logo on product packaging, websites and at trade fairs.

Due to the fact that every manufacturer uses different logos in online and print media, many consumers mistrust whether the product is actually German.

By using a uniform logo, these doubts are dispelled.

Structure & use of the Made in Germany seal

The style guide contains all specifications for the use and visual presentation of the logo in the business, print and online areas.

The quality seal consists of the stylized flag (also known as the column element) and the words Made in Germany.

To ensure the high quality and uniqueness of this label, the colored version on a white background is used in all applications wherever possible.

For consistency, the logo may not be altered in content by omitting elements, using foreign typography, or recoloring, bleed, rotation, etc.